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My name is Hawkfeather.

I am a hunchbacked teenage girl with bad eyesight. 
Zakuuya has this beautiful AU and everytime they make new art, I have to write it out.
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The drabble is part 5.

How could it end like this?

A girl was dying in his bathtub and he had no control over it. Not anymore.

Adrien leaned against the wall, helpless to the situation. What had he been thinking? His motives weren't supposed to be harmful, but they'd become much more dangerous. His heart was tearing. He could not let her go, not when he was so close, but if he kept her, all his work would be gone.

Is that what he thought of it? Work. It felt like he'd known her for years, instead of getting to know her over the weeks. He had fallen in love with her, and she had too, despite his holding her hostage. Marinette couldn't escape, she was stuck in a dim apartment and Adrien, no, Chat Noir was responsible for her degrading health.

Then Adrien realized his mistake.

He was not thinking like Adrien. Adrien, the human boy, would not have kidnapped a helpless creature for his own selfish motive and kept her away. He would not have forced her to give him her heart, nor hidden her from the world she wanted to see. He would not have gotten frustrated and left her alone.

Chat Noir did all those things and thought nothing less of it. Chat Noir was turned into a monster. Was that really him? Was it the man he'd been raised?

"Mom..." He whispered, tears forming at his eyes.

Adrien desperately wanted to blame someone, but it wasn't her fault. It was his and his alone.

A photograph of his mother fell from his hand. The one he kept at all times, a reminder of his goal. It wasn't useful anymore.

Burrowing his head into his arms, he curled up against the cold wall, crying profusely.

A weak voice filled the room, like a wind on a hot day. It was singing, albeit quietly, but soothing and proud nonetheless. Adrien looked up, face red and tear stained, but suddenly wide and frightened. Was she still alive? Did this mean there was time?

His movement was awkward, like a fish on land, but he staggered to the tub, tears falling and causing ripples in the surface.

"Marinette..." He pleaded, breath hitching as he saw her lips moving. She was really singing a lullaby, and it was calming him. This wasn't right. He couldn't let her lull him.

"Stop that! Stop it right now! I have to save you." He growled, shoving his hands into the bathtub. It wasn't clear what he was doing, but he picked up the girl, who was quiet again, and carried her to the door.

Maybe there was still time.
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The black lines are meant to mark out my signature, which in the actual drawing is my real life name. *^-^
Whiskery Bicker
I love pictures like these. You can really see the details on an animal's face. Henry doesn't mind me getting in his face, in fact he sometimes leans in to sniff the camera. This is an example.


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